Moonchild (ongoing)

For years, there has hardly been any photographic attention given to Muslims within America. We are a community whose identity has been shaped almost entirely by inaccurate, hateful stereotypes perpetuated by the media in the years since 9/11.

With this project, my intention is to fight back against these ignorant, misinformed ideas and create a more authentic, compassionate, and diverse vision of my community through a series of medium format portraits of Muslim youths of varying backgrounds, namely university students.

These youths are presented anonymously, leaving viewers with no information besides their shared identities as Muslims, in turn creating a unified yet individualistic image of the Muslim American community.

Ultimately, my hope is to deconstruct the harmful, generalized notions of what a Muslim looks like to the Western world and help create a more diverse, hopeful image of my community, one that is forever immortalized on 120mm film.

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